Issue 1034: 9th February 2024


Year 7 Parents’ Evening

Thank you to everyone who attended Year 7 Parents’ Evening last night. There was great turnout and a really positive atmosphere around the school. I am however, aware that some parents were unable to make all of the appointments they wished to make due to teachers being fully booked.

We are looking at how we can make improvements to the system to avoid a similar situation in the future. If you have specific questions about your child’s progress, however, please do contact the Year 7 Team at any time.

Prohibited Items

As per our Behaviour Policy, please can I ask parents and carers to remind your children of the list of items that they are strictly prohibited from bringing into school and/or having in their possession:

Knives or weapons;
Illegal drugs and/or drugs paraphernalia;
Stolen items;
Tobacco/cigarette papers and/or vapes and vaping paraphernalia;
Pornographic images;
Any article that a member of staff reasonably suspects has been, or is likely to be, used to commit an offence or injure a person or damage property

Myself, as Headteacher, and any of my staff whom I so authorise have a statutory power to search a pupil/student or their possessions where we have reasonable grounds to suspect that the pupil/student may have a prohibited item.

If any prohibited items are found during a search, the school will use its discretion to confiscate, keep or destroy any item found provided it is reasonable in the circumstances. If any item is thought to be a weapon it will be passed directly to the police. In addition, sanctions will be applied in strict accordance with our Behaviour Policy up to and including a permanent exclusion.

School Uniform

We are very proud of our school uniform, and value the sense of belonging and identity that pupils and students get from wearing it. However, we are aware that with the rising costs of living, it can be difficult for families to always buy brand new items of uniform. With this in mind, we are committed to ensuring access to the correct uniform is never a barrier to learning.

We have always supported families via lost property items and/or kind donations of second-hand school uniform. However, in order to continue to support as many families as possible, we would be grateful for donations of any items of uniform that are in good condition. These will be then available for sale at a discounted rate to anyone who may need to make use of the facility. The proceeds of any sales will go to the PTA.

If you do have any problems obtaining any items of school uniform, please do contact us, in the strictest of confidence, atpupilservices@sweynepark.com

Knitting Club (Knit-Wits)

Mrs Cajee, one of our MFL Teachers, has started the “Knit-Wits” knitting club, which meets at 3.15pm on a Wednesday in ML4. It is proving to be extremely popular with pupils from across a number of year groups joining her. If you have any spare knitting needles or wool that you would be prepared to donate, then please do drop them into Pupil Services, all donations would be gratefully received!

And Finally…

Have a nice weekend

Bar ‘N’ Bus- Lunchtime Wellbeing Session

Hello from Bar n’ Bus. On a Tuesday lunchtime we bring our mobile unit to the school site. This acts as a safe space for all the year groups to come. We have an array of activities to do and games to play along with signposting for those who need extra support and a listening ear. We work in the local area and can also be found at King Georges Skate Park on a Monday evening between 3-4.30pm. We are currently developing other programs and safe spaces and looking forward to where this year is heading. Watch this space.

If you would like to know more about Bar’N’ Bus then please

Year 7 Netball win for SPT

“On Tuesday our Year 7 netball team played an excellent game against Corneluis Vermuyden. During the game many of the team had the opportunity to experience playing in new positions and there was some excellent shooting in every quarter of the match. I am delighted to confirm that Sweyne Park won by a massive 19 – 7 goals.”

Congratulations to the whole squad who played exceptionally well and to Mrs Harris for her coaching and support.

Vaccination Clinics

Next week, the Caterlink menu will be ‘Lunch Week 2’.

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